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Que es el Pillow y para que sirve?

¿Qué es el Pillow y para qué sirve?

¿QUÉ ES EL PILLOW? El Pillow es una capa acolchada que se pone en la parte superior de algunos colchones y brinda una mayor sensación de confort al descansar. En los colchones Cannon el pillow se presenta siempre en las dos caras de los mismos por lo que se denominan Doble Pillow.

¿Cómo se llama la parte de arriba del colchón?

El topper o sobrecolchón, es una capa de material que se coloca sobre la superficie del colchón y que trata de complementar alguna carencia que tienen las capas de acolchado del mismo.

How firm is MyMy pillow mattress topper?

My Pillow mattress topper is medium-firm, which is just the right firmness for the majority of sleepers, especially, medium- and heavy-weight ones. That’s because it provides enough support, however, not too contouring, so you won’t feel like being trapped in the mattress.

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What is a mattress topper?

Mattress topper adds an additional layer on top of your mattress. It can be made out of many different materials, however, most commonly mattress toppers are made of memory foam or latex. It can add pressure-relieving properties to your mattress, make it firmer or softer, etc. Does a mattress topper really help?

Why choose my pillow mattress topper cover?

It means that you don’t have to be worried in case any spills or stains appear, you can easily wash and dry it, and instantly put it back on. My Pillow mattress topper cover is made out of phase-changing material that ensures your body doesn’t trap too much heat and allows you to sleep cooler.

Do my pillow mattress toppers off-Gass?

My Pillow mattress topper reviews claim that there’s a fair amount of off-gassing when opening it. It might take a few days for the odor to completely dissipate. Thus, that can be a small issue. If you’re looking for a mattress topper that wouldn’t emit any off-gassing odor, you should consider organic alternatives.

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